Hanteringen av skattetal över tid : Betydelsen för markägarna

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Gävle/Samhällsbyggnad, GIS

Sammanfattning: The most common measurement before for how much a property would pay in taxes were mantal. Today they are not used for this, instead it indicates how many units the property has in the common land from the village. The purpose for this report is to raise awareness about the management for a property’s tax value and proportion in the common land. As well as gaining insight into how landowners are affected by this and what shortcoming in the real estate register and old premises on the property that can contribute to this impact on landowners.The methods used to answer the questions in this report are interviews and a study of operation document and the real estate register. There are a total of five interviews that have been performed with different persons with different roles that have contributed with knowledge and insight into the management, real estate register and the impact. It is olso up to date review old operation document and how the tax value and has spread over the years to different properties through various real estate arrangement and then compare it with the real estate register.The conclusion is that correct management has taken place for the most part when it comes to property law arrangement where tax values and participant in common land have been handled. On the other hand there were more errors in the property register after studying and comparing it whit the operation documents. This has provided insight on the impact on some property owners with participations in certain types of common land, contributed by the interviews.

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