Kvinnors upplevelser av mobbning i skolan

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The aim of this thesis was to highlight the experience of girls that were bullied during the senior level of secondary school and the consequences in relation to their adulthood. The thesis also addresses if the school organization was aware that the girls were bullied and allowed for the possibilities of bullying, in particular with respect to bullying amongst girls. Central issues: Why and where does bullying occur and why does it even exist? Which girls are likely to be bullied and who is it that bullies them? What does bullying mean when girls are in-volved? If the girls received help, in what form was this help? If they did not receive any form of help, what were their experiences? How do they feel today and how are their current relationships? We have interviewed 4 women who have previously been exposed to bullying; one sixteen-year-old secondary school student and three school welfare officers. In addition we have also obtained written replies from a teacher and a school welfare officer. We have also carried out two secondary school surveys. The results of the study indicated that the women felt loneliness, lacked self-confidence and had feelings that nobody wanted to be with them. Although it is not possible to completely evaluate, our experience leads us to believe that inadequacies in the relationship of the informants with their parents was an important factor in their problematic school days. The research gives no solid basis for this, but the girls' experiences suggest that they did not receive sufficient support from their parents or from the school personnel. The school organization showed deficiencies in their responsibility.

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