Bibliotekspersonalens arbete med boksamtal för barn i 9-14 års ålder

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan i Borås/Institutionen Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap / Bibliotekshögskolan

Sammanfattning: The main aim of this thesis is to study how and in which way the library personnel works with reading groups and their view of reading groups. I also want to study which role the governing- and policy documents have in the library personnel’s work. The following questions were asked.Which similarities and differences between the different library personals outlooks and acting can be interpreted from the following aspects:• Promoting reading, book selections and the leader's role?• To talk about personal subjects and to create possibilities for personal growth and increased empathy?• To promote language development and reading comprehension?The methods used in the study are a combination of interviews and observations. Aidan Chamber's “three ingredients in a talk" and “the teachers' four main tasks” during reading groups; recommendations of the promotion of reading and its obstacles that originates from Eriksson Barajas' studies over reading groups in school is used as a theoretical framework.The conclusions showed that the library personnel thought that it was important to make it possible for all the children to talk and that there are limitations for how many goals you could have for a reading group. The personnel of the school libraries let the children choose more books for themselves than the childrens' librarians. All the library personnel related the text to our reality, which gave the children preconditions for self-insight. Several of the library personnel gave the children possibility’s to exercise reading between the lines ore to predict the synopses. If the informants who held in reading groups during the children’s school time had summarized, they would've had a clearer connection to the requirements of knowledge in Swedish.

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