Medmammors upplevelser av barnmorskans bemötande i mödrahälsovården

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Sammanfattning: Background: The law that gave same-sex couples the opportunity to start afamily through assisted reproduction, lead to an increasing number of same-sexlesbian couples to become parents, and meet midwives in maternity healthcareservices. It leads to an increased need for the midwife to have an updatedknowledge regarding lesbian family formation. Previous research has shownthat co-mothers felt excluded from maternal healthcare. The midwife´streatment is important for co-mothers to feel included. The background coverprevious research on lesbian women’s experiences of maternal healthcare,assisted reproductive technologies, maternity healtcare, treatment andheteronormativity.Aim: The aim of this study is to illustrate co-mothers experience of themidwife´s treatment during the maternity healthcare service.Method: A qualitative method, with inductive approach was used. The interviews wereanalysed according to qualitative content analysis. Nine co-mothers wereinterviewed during November and December 2017. Theoretical frame ofreference in the study was heteronormativity and treatment.Results: The analysis resulted in three main categories; Acceptance in treatment, To feelexcluded, To belong to a minority. These resulted in eight subcategories; Themeaning of the pride flag, Not evaluated, To feel included, Not as expected,Heteronormativity in parent education, Father groups, To feel vulnerable and Aprejudiced attitude in the treatment.Discussion: The prerequisite for a good treatment is hampered by the heteronormativitythat permeate parts of the maternal healthcare. Midwives should pay attention tothe fact that co-mothers can be a vulnerable group and they should be confirmedin healthcare through inclusion and acceptance. Every single midwife can makea big difference in the experience of the treatment received, and thus also be partof a change, that leads to a reduced heteronormativity in the maternity care.Keywords: Co-mother, lesbian, homosexuality, experiences, treatment,maternity healthcare, midwife, heteronormativity.

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