Intern användning och export av Cytivas spillvärme

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Dept. of Energy and Technology

Sammanfattning: Today there is a big potential in recycling waste heat at large-scale production sites. In this report the ability to reuse heat from Cytiva’s industrial facilities C7, C8 and C9 located in Uppsala is examined. The purpose is to analyze the need of heat for two on-site buildings and how the buildings will be provided by waste heat. Furthermore, the waste heat available for export to the district heating system after the buildings heat demand is satisfied is investigated in the report. At the industrial facilities mentioned above there are processes of recycling chemical solvents. This process needs to be cooled down, which is done by two systems namely Glyvhög and Glyvlåg. The reused heat after the cooling process Glyvhög is being used to reach the above-mentioned goals. The results show that the heat recovery from Glyvhög for internal use is estimated at approximately 7 GWh per year for buildings P4 and R3, which corresponds to 74 % of the total heat demand for these buildings. In P4 and R3, the remaining 26 % of the heat demand can be compensated with a heat pump and heat import from Vattenfall for the remaining time of the year. To export heat to Vattenfall's district heating network, a heat pump is needed at Cytiva to raise the temperature according to Vattenfall's needs. Thus, Vattenfall's requirement for 70 °C on the water from Cytiva can be met. The total heat export from Cytiva to Vattenfall during one year is estimated at 31 GWh, of which 23 GWh is from Glyvhög and 8 GWh is generated from the heat pump.

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