Abort - Barnets rätt till liv eller kvinnans rätt till autonomi? : En kvalitativ textanalys om gestaltningsförändringar kring abort i amerikanska opinionsartiklar innan- respektive efter upphävningen av domen Roe v. Wade från 1974.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Jönköping University/HLK, Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: This thesis aims to investigate if there have been any changes regarding the framing of abortion in American opinion-based articles. This since the abortion laws in America has gone through a lot of changes in 2022, in comparison to the previous year 2021. This has been done by conducting a qualitative text analysis with a quantitative categorizing of 67 opinion-based articles published by CNN and Fox News. A theoretical framing analysis tool created by Goffman (1974) was used. This is supplemented by Dahl’s third criteria in his theory of democracy (Dahl, 1989). Three categories wereconstructed from the previous research presented in this thesis, which were named the framing of autonomy, moral and emotion. First, the framing of autonomy frames the woman as fully capable of making reproductive decisions on her ownsince she is logical enough. Second, the framing of moral describes how life starts at conception and therefore makes abortion immoral and cruel and should be compared to murder or infanticide. At last, the framing of emotion portrayswomen as victims incapable of making their own decisions, and as individuals who should be protected from going through an abortion since it could harm her. Moreover, in the analysis of Fox News the results show that the framing ofmoral was prominent. Furthermore, in CNN all three framings were represented while the framing of autonomy was mostoften shown in the opinion-based articles. The result concludes that both CNN’s and Fox News’ coverage of abortion, could be seen as partly nuanced because of their somewhat multilateral way of framing the topic according to Dahl’s theory of democracy (1989). 

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