Landscape artists - Between land, art and landscape architecture : with examples from Maya Lin, Lars Vilks, Monika Gora and Martha Schwartz

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från SLU/Landscape Architecture (until 121231)

Sammanfattning: Art has always been one of the most indeterminable notions. All the different art forms make it even harder to define and comprehend. But at the same time it is something that often gives and rarely takes, evokes emotions, gives structure and meaning to our world. Art of public spaces usually means works on sites with open public access. The term ‘site-specific’ is often mentioned in this paper and refers to both – art installations on given sites and art that is also the design of the site itself, which is one of the main aspects of land art and is often applied to landscape architecture. Landscape architecture is technical work and a form of art on its own, but this cannot always be seen in practice and sometimes it may even seem like there is a big gap between the two fields. However, some artists have a way of bridging this gap and uniting them into one whole. With focus on Maya Lin’s Eleven Minute Line, Lars Vilks’s Nimis and Arx, Monika Gora’s and Martha Schwartz’s work, this paper attempts to contribute to uncovering of what lies behind those ideas and how this bridge is built. Mentioned landscape architects have a special relation to art; this leaves a big impact on their work, which is imbued with modernity, humour and magic.

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