KOGNITIV BELASTNING VID LÄSNING AV TEXT MED BILDEXEMPEL En experimentstudie av interaktionseffekt mellan textpresentation och bildorganisation

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Cognitive load theory is a well studied theory based on intrinsic, extraneous and germane load, three types of cognitive load that affects working memory. Multiple studies have been conducted, suggesting that factors such as presentation and organisation of information, previous knowledge and the difficulty level of information affects cognitive load. There is, however, a lack of replication studies that focuses on the interaction between presentation and organisation, when it comes to both remembering and applying specific information. This study compares interaction effect between organisation and presentation of text and pictures, by using the rules for the board game “Go” as stimulus material.The study was conducted in line with a 2x2 between-subjects design. It had four conditions, 13 participants in each, for a total of 52 participants. One group was tested on full-text with integrated pictures, one on full-text with seperated pictures, one group read the text sentence-by-sentence with integrated pictures, and one read the text sentence-by-sentence with separated pictures. The participants performance was studied through a reading comprehension test and their subjective experience of cognitive load by a likert scale.The type of organisation and presentation this study researched showed no significant results, which conflicts with the claim in a previous study that sentence-by-sentence presentation increases cognitive load. In summary, our study shows that the previous study may contain potential inadequacies, where there is uncertainty about what really caused the significant effects. For future research it is desirable to take careful consideration regarding the choice of difficulty level for the reading comprehension test and the stimulus material, which affects cognitive load. It is also highly relevant to consider the outcomes of the new digital era, and how it impacts our reading processes, which may have changed how we are affected by text information.

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