Lärdom och fostran : En vägledning till skolarkiven på landsarkivet i Uppsala

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för ABM


The Regional State Archive in Uppsala [Landsarkivet i Uppsala] has several archives left from various types of educational institutions in the counties of Dalarna, Södermanland, Uppsala, Västmanland and Örebro. This archiv-al guide reveals the main content of some of the school archives. It goes through the archives of the elementary school, state secondary grammar schools and private secondary grammar schools. A few special schools for the blind and the deaf children are included. The essay also brings up records from community homes and reformato-ries for children and young adults who experienced certain difficulties and therefore could not adjust to the ordi-nary educational system. Besides the archives of the schools you will also find information about institutes of edu-cation and teachers’ training college. Documents and records provided by the elementary school supervisors and the county school board are also described. The oldest document dates back from the 15th century. Some files, especially from special schools and community homes, have contents of secrecy. The most important recommenda-tions to authorization for those files are treated.This guide explains where in the archive you can expect to find different types of material. The content varies from protocols of the colleague councils, lists of students, school reports and lists of exams to materials on the students and the teachers and the traces of their work. You can also find books of account keeping or facts of a special school or school building. Materials of statutes and regulations of order are covered together with student associations and students magazines. The reader is at the end part of the guide suggested some other archive insti-tutions, in order to pursue the search for other school archives, accompanied by literature for further reading.This publication is a one year master’s thesis at the department of ALM at Uppsala University.

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