Bindningar och lösningar : En studie kring tematiken bunden/löst i Lars Ahlins roman Fromma mord

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Umeå universitet/Institutionen för kultur- och medievetenskaper

Sammanfattning: Lars Ahlins’ Fromma mord (Pious murder) is an incredibly complex novel. Is it even possible to say what the deepest sense is about? Erik A Nielsen and Gunnar D. Hansson has presented reasonable interpretations in their analysis of Fromma mord. However, they have not necessarily right to all points, hence it is possible to draw other conclusions. When I chose to explore the characters' strategies to liberate their ties, a relationship between the novels’ micro- and macro level was revealed, that had not been presented previously. The two issues underlying the basis for this essay are: 1) What are the different solutions Lilly, Agnes, Evangeline, Aron and Brinkman seek to be liberated from their ties? 2) Who is liberated and why? The method used for this analysis is a hermeneutic close reading of the novel Fromma mord. The results found were that the characters who were able to assert their needs and get others to cooperate with their strategies - had the best chance of becoming free. However, the most important condition for becoming liberated was that they could offload the money that tied them to Brinkman. Arons’ death was the last step that made a new future possible for Agnes, Roland, Lilly and Sven. The struggle of the characters at the novels’ micro level, was linked to the struggle between God and the devil at the novels’ macro level, through the allegorical dimension of the characters Aron and Brinkman. The essence of the whole novel is that all men are prisoners and that there is a battle going on, where even God is involved risking His own life.

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