ADS och Matlab för optimering av pre-distortion av effektförstärkare

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Institutionen för systemteknikLinköpings universitet/Tekniska fakulteten


This master’s thesis deals with integrating simulations using Agilents Electronic Design Automation tool ADS with customized Matlab scripts, for solving complex analog and digital radio architectures. In particular, it addresses predistortion, realized in the digital domain, of power amplifiers, modeled in the analog domain. The former is implemented in Matlab while the latter is implemented in ADS. Two versions of integrating the two systems have been tested: 1) Iterative approach on sample basis and 2) Scheduled batch solution by matrix inversion. The concept has been tested on two different PA configurations: 1) a standard class-AB PA and 2) a Doherty PA architecture. Evaluation has also been done on ADS ability to correctly simulate memory effects in PAs and on the actual DPD-algorithms ability to compensate for these memory effects. 

An integrated simulation environment for ADS and Matlab was successfully established within the work of this thesis. Matlab scripts, used in predistortion algorithms in the digital domain, could interact directly with component-based PA models, in an enclosed simulation system. 

The simulation results show that sample basis method is the most accurate, fast and reliable method to linearize a PA. The PA1 proved to be easier than the DPA to linearize, except for when being close to saturation where better IMD-suppression was achieved with the DPA. 

ADS is clearly able to simulate memory effects in the analog domain. At low gain-levels the applied compensating memory-algorithms showed a great improvement to the linearization of the output signal of the PA. At higher gain-levels though, the compensation for memory effects lost their efficiency because the non-linearity of the PA became too significant.

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