Den anonyma handeln på värdepappersmarknaden : några juridiska aspekter

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Linköpings universitet/Ekonomiska institutionen


Trading financial securities at stock exchanges and other authorized market places is today a particularly important socioeconomic phenomenon in many industrialized countries. A well functioning securities market is crucial for the economic development in these countries. The modern trading with stocks and other financial securities is characterized by the fact that the majority of the transactions at the stock exchanges are carried out through various intermediaries. The ultimate counterparties that are involved in a securities transaction (the seller and the buyer) are often unknown to each other. The anonymity in the securities trading implies several interesting legal problems. Is it appropriate to apply the contractual and proprietary legal rules at the anonymous transactions on the financial securities markets if the ultimate contracting parties are unable to identify each other? What judicial liability do various intermediaries such as central securities depositories (CSD:s), stock exchanges, and, in particular, banks as well as brokerage companies bear for the correctness of the transactions at the capital markets? The problems named above are studied in the present thesis. The structure of the Swedish financial securities market and its main players are also described in this paper. Numerous technical and juridical steps that constitute a transfer of securities from one owner to an other at the stock exchange are explained. Furthermore the thesis treats the legal aspects of the varying roles of brokerage firms and banks. They can “act” as members of stock exchanges, commission agents, actively participate in the activities of clearing houses and central securities depositories. The legal connections and interactions between the participators of the securities market are considered and analyzed.

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