Delningsekonomi för hållbar stadsutveckling- En studie som undersöker förutsättningarna för lönsam delning

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: Society intends to become more sustainable and in the work towards becoming more sustainable, circular models have a contributing role in the transition. Combining sustainable consumption with the sharing economy concept could help to tackle challenges such as: the growing amount of waste and climate change by reducing the extractions of resources and regenerated materials within the economic system. When implementing prerequisites for a sustainable lifestyle, sharing economy is often mentioned. In order toapply the concept of sharing economy in a community, the right investments and infrastructure need to be in place. Given the information above the objectives with this study were: 1.To analyze existing prerequisites in a building project for a new neighborhood in Sege Park, Malmö.2.Identify important factors which could enable a commercialized center that offers functions related to the concept of sharing economy. The upcoming neighborhood in Sege Park, Malmö, will be built with the ambition to enable high welfare with low consumption of finite resources at reasonable costs through circular economy and sharing economy.The aim of this study is to investigate what a sharing center should contain to be profitable by identifyingthe barriers and opportunities for the implementation in Sege Park, Malmö. The data was collected primarily through interviews with building constructors within the Sege Park project and with performers within the circular model. The result demonstrates several factors that affect the prerequisites for implementing profitable functions of sharing economy. For example, the importance of an investment-and business plan that enables fast establishment in order to become commercialized and solid partnership with involved organizations. Furthermore, the result indicates the significance of a driven project leader with adequate experience regarding circular business models and project execution.However, the result also showed several difficulties in how to finance the sharing center. This is due to rental agreements, lack of knowledge among involved parties and complications regarding how to make sharing economy profitable

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