Om samspel och gruppklimat i arbetsgruppen : En kvalitativ studie om samspelets och gruppklimatets betydelse för arbetsgruppens gemensamma psykosociala arbetsmiljö

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Socialhögskolan

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this paper is to identify significant factors of influence for the co-existence and team climate within working groups, and to examine their impact on the psychosocial work environment within a group. Team climate and interaction affect every individual in a group. The manager, however, is the one formally accountable for the psychosocial climate in a working group, which is the reason why this study uses the management perspective. As an introduction to the empiric study, an overview of the existing literature within the field was made. A qualitative method is used and the empiric data is based on semi-structured interviews. The study comprises six interviews with department managers within the Social Services in the City Council of Stockholm. The purpose has been to identify basic patterns that can provide a basis for generalisation of the results. The results show that department managers consider the psychosocial work environment fundamental to the workplace as a whole. The interviews also show that social work and changes at any level are factors that have a direct impact on the interaction and the team climate within a working group. These factors also affect the psychosocial work environment within the group. Managers emphasise structure and clarity as the main strategies for achieving an efficient and well functioning workplace. Furthermore, managers often formulate proceedings and phenomena in the psychosocial work environment on a group level, while identifying problems on an individual level.

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