Generalstrejk, sabotage och terror: anarkosyndikalisternas strategi före första världskriget i D. Novomirskijs och A. Jensens skrifter

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Historia

Sammanfattning: This essay investigates the revolutionary strategy of the anarcho-syndicalists in Russia and Sweden before the World War I. The purpose of the research is to gain new knowledge about the relationship between the goal and the method from the point of view of the ideology of anarchosyndicalism. The study explores how the same ideology shaped strategy in two different national contexts. Publications from Daniil Novomirskii (Jakov/Jankel Kirillovskii) and Albert Jensen are used as sources. The research method is concept-historical and hermeneutic. The theory model used in the study was presented in Charles Tilly’s and Sidney Tarrow’s research Contentious Politics. According to the theory, political actors act within a certain set of methods; these complexes of methods are called contentious repertoires. The strategy of the anarchosyndicalists was formed on the basis of ideology. But different forms of direct action could vary because of the contexts. The result is discussed in a more extensive historiographical context.

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