Re-defining data visuals for an efficient and sustainable food waste management

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Institutionen för geovetenskaper

Sammanfattning: The use of visual data representation is increasing the possibilities to exchange information and communicate indifferent contexts all over the world. Communicating food wastage visually to influence consuming patterns isone of these possibilities. Food wastage is currently a much-prioritized topic in Sweden as well as globally due toits negative impacts on society, environment and the economy, and therefore there is much need to bringinnovative solutions supporting reduction of food waste. This thesis presents a qualitative research based on a casestudy of food waste management at Sala municipality in Sweden while exploring the current visual datarepresentation techniques and its further potential to make food waste management more sustainable. The researchframework used in this thesis is based on visual rhetoric and the innovation theories. The thesis analyzes foodwastage from an international perspective, its connection to sustainable development goals and how MatomaticAB uses a visual data representation tool to address food wastage.The thesis further explains how the users associated with Sala municipality interpret the existing tool, thechallenges they face and review their expectations to build a new visual data representation model. The results ofquestionnaires filled by user’s, state that 50% of the respondents understand the current tool to its full capacityand only 50% of the respondents are satisfied with the overall tool. When it comes to the choice of datapresentation 67% of the users showed interest in use of infographics instead of the conventional bar graphs, andtherefore some parameters like, making the tool more interesting using infographics, user friendly by limiting thedata displayed and interactive by giving user options to explore further as per their liking, were thought whiledesigning the new visual data representation model.

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