Coworking Göteborg - En kvalitativ studie om coworking-kontor i Göteborg

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för kulturgeografi och ekonomisk geografi

Sammanfattning: Coworking is a global phenomenon that is currently changing the daily work-life for knowledge workers. Instead of sitting in their old traditional offices, sitting at home or in the cafes, they are starting to see the upsides of coworking. The concept came to Sweden and the city of Gothenburg in the start of the century, and during recent years the total volume of coworking-spaces has grown rapidly. This study aims to explain what a coworking-space is, how coworking-spaces have developed over time in the city of Gothenburg, which kind of actors that are active in the city today and what differences there are between them. Qualitative methods as semi-structured interviews and qualitative analysis of data as webpages and news articles have been used in this study. The findings show that Gothenburg today has at least 11 actors active in the coworking scene. The coworking-spaces offer different types of services dependent on which kind of knowledge workers they aim to attract. But even if there are big differences among them, they also have common traits. They all seem to work as a third place between a home and an office, and the members can take part of strong communities within the different spaces and exchange knowledge and services. Following the development of other cities like Stockholm and London, the actors in Gothenburg believe that coworking is going to grow even bigger in the years to come. Or as a community manager put it “coworking is a bomb that is about to explode”.

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