KLIMATBUDGET - En analys av preferenser mellan konsumtion av flygresor, bilresor och nötkött

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för nationalekonomi med statistik

Sammanfattning: Air transport, car transport and consumption of food are three factors that affect the climate, factors that can be changed by an individual’s decisions. By using a web survey, this study aims to evaluate preferences between being able to travel by airplane, travel by car to work or school as well as consuming beef, which is a big climate burden within our diet. Through a survey, we compare how the respondents consume today versus how they would consume within a climate budget restriction. Our climate budget, of 3000 kilo carbon dioxide per two years, is based on a sub target for reaching the Paris agreement of keeping global warming well below 2 °C. To reach the target, the world’s population need to lower average emissions to 1000-2000 kilo carbon dioxide equivalents, total greenhouse gases, per year before 2050. We also measure respondents´ willingness to pay (WTP) for being able to consume more than the climate budget allows for each of the three factors. The results of the study show a minor decrease in traveling by airplane, when comparing consumption today and within a budget. It also shows a relatively high WTP for being able to fly even though the budget is exceeded. The mean WTP was 1477 Swedish kronor and the fraction of the respondents that was unwilling to pay corresponds to circa 24 percent. Transport by car is higher prioritized within a climate budget than it is today. However, the study also shows that a significant part of the respondents decides to abstain from the car and travel by public transport instead when facing the budget restriction. The mean WTP was 73 Swedish kronor and the fraction of the respondents with zero WTP corresponds to circa 48 percent. The results of the beef indicate a high WTP for those who chose to consume it. At the same time, beef is the climate factor which the largest fraction of the respondents is unwilling to compensate for. The mean WTP was 89 Swedish kronor and the fraction of the respondents that was unwilling to pay corresponds to circa 55 percent.

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