Förskolans inomhusmiljö ur ett genusperspektiv

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Södertörns högskola/Lärarutbildningen


My essay is about me and my colleagues who have come to realize that maybe we are stuck in old habits when it comes to preschool indoor environment from a gender perspective. The insight has enabled us now face the challenge of how to deal with and move forward with gender issues and the indoor environment. The reviews between us educators differ greatly, making it difficult start of a process of change, or development, of previous work in the preschool. The difficulties of working with gender in preschool is that we do not know how teachers influence or shape the children. We educators controls many times the children, both consciously and unconsciously and sometimes benevolence tend to instead become a takeover. We also want to develop a norm-critical approach to preschool. The dilemma is how it should be done in a natural way as the children in our preschool has homogeneous family situation and we educators do not have enough experience on standard critical perspective.

The purpose of my essay is that based on my experience, discuss the pros and cons of striving for a gender-neutral indoor environment. That will I do by highlighting and portray my experiences from when we started the nursery in 2001 and until today in 2013, to gain perspective on the indoor environment. With the help of my own and theoretical reflections, I will look at how working has changed in our workplace, but that we noticed or been aware of it. I want to make impact in how the discussion of gender in preschool has changed over the years. I also want to problematize what is a good or less good indoor environment for children in preschool through a pedagogical approach to the standard critical perspective. Something I want to mention is difficulties that educators face in working with a gender-inspired preschool.

My reflective along with my preconceptions, I have lead me to approach the dilemmas that gender norms create in my daily task at the preschool. Through my encounters with colleagues, parents and children. I have reflected on the events that occurred during these meetings. My own reflections and thoughts have provided the basis for this investigation. I have been using a variety of theoretical perspectives to sort my reflections and thoughts. The theories I have used are for example the current curriculum for the Swedish preschool (Lpfö 98/10), as we as literature by Elisabeth Nordin-Hultman and Klara Dolk.

My research question is formed with thoughts on how I, along with my work colleagues can create more awareness of the preschool indoor environment from a gender perspective, to develop a gender neutral environment in our preschool. Some obstacles to get further arise from colleagues we have shared opinions about what is good practice. The standard critical perspective is something we are interested in and started to explore, but there have also been new problems to work on. Who and what those difficulties might be and consist of, is something that I raise in my essay.

My conclusion is that by letting the kids get more involved in preschool indoor environment from a gender perspective, a common change happen.

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