Känslan av att stå vid ett stup – Kvinnors blandade upplevelser av inducerad förlossning på förlossningsklinik

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Sammanfattning: Background: Childbirth can be experienced as both daunting and exciting. Women often have thoughts about their labors, which does not always go as expected. The SWEPI study, which was published in 2019, has made the number of inductions increase in Sweden and clinics are discussing on how the handling of inductions should be done to ensure the health of both mother and child. Causes of induction may be illness of the mother or the fetus, various pregnancy complications or postterm pregnancy. There is much research on induction methods, but less about women's experiences of induction. The midwife should have an understanding that each woman has her unique need of support. Aim: To explore women's experiences before and during induction at the delivery clinic. Method: The purpose was answered through a literature review based on six scientific articles with a qualitative approach and one mixed method study. Results: Four main themes were identified: “To feel neglected”, “A stressful process”, “The feeling of standing at a precipice” and “Focusing on the positive”. The women felt that they were not involved in decisions, that they did not know what was going on and that they were not taken seriously. Physical experiences emerged, concerns about the baby's wellbeing and experiences of loneliness. Feelings of uncertainty and a fear of losing control were described. Women's hopes for a natural and spontaneous birth, and the positive experiences that emerged in connection with induction and to finally accept the process as it is. Conclusion: An induction is often experienced as negative due to lack of information, lack of participation, loneliness and anxiety. More information about the process and a more individualized care is important to increase the security of women and to help improve the experience of induced labor.Key words: Induction of labor, Women’s Experiences, Childbirth, Birth Experience

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