NYTTOREALISERING I OFFENTLIG SEKTOR Incitament och hinder vid arbete med nyttor i IT-projekt

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: Through benefits realization organizations can work to easier implement their IT-projects and realize goals by focusing on the underlying benefits. Many IT-projects carried out today do not reach their full scope or alternatively fail completely in their implementations, something that is certainly true for the public sector. The public sector in Sweden is a particularly interesting research object because of the 2014 guide regarding benefits realization from E-delegation and the training programs conducted by SKL on the subject.The issues this study focuses on are the role of benefits realization in public sector IT-projects and what incentives and inhibitors exist in relation to benefits realization in the public sector.To answer these questions five interviews followed by a survey, based on a benefits realization framework, have been conducted with people representing different public organizations. These respondents were selected because of their insight into how the IT-projects of their organizations are carried out.The main conclusion of the study is that benefits realization still has a very small role in the public sector, but that organizations want to work more closely with it and see a lot of incentives for this. Many of the inhibitors the study found points to the fact that active management is needed to change the culture of IT-projects as well as the focus of the organizations which currently often lies on the artefacts themselves rather than the benefits behind these IT-solutions.

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