KOLLEGA, PEDAGOG ELLER EXPERT - vad förväntas av en superanvändare?

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad informationsteknologi

Sammanfattning: The study has followed the initiation of the implementation process of a new ITsupport at three municipal high schools with a focus on the role of super-users inand for the implementation. Through a method triangulation consisting of interviews,surveys and observations, the organisation's and end-users' expectations ofthe super-users, who the super-users are and which preconditions they have beenprovided with, have been examined with the aim of answering the main question:How do the competencies and characteristics of the super-users respond to the expectationsof the organisation and the end-users and the given framework?This has been accomplished on the basis of a theoretical framework consisting ofDreyfus' theories of familiarity levels and a questioning of them, theories aboutPCK, collegiate learning and, above all, a definition and presentation of the superuserconcept.The results show there is a mission description for what is expected of the superusers.However, this has not been communicated in the organisation and the superusersare uncertain what their mission consists of. Both end-users and super-usersare positively committed to both computers and digital technology as well as to thenew IT support. In addition, everyone appreciates that tuition in the new IT supporttakes place within the own work team.According to the theories, clear management and planning are of paramount importancein a technology implementation, but also that a positive attitude and commitmenton the part of the super-users and end-users can overcome an unclear implementationstructure.The conclusion that can be drawn is that the implementation in the studied casestands a good chance to succeed thanks to the predominantly positive attitude andthe commitment of both super-users and end-users as demonstrated by the results.At least for a starters. For a stable and sustainable result, the super-user role, accordingto the theories of super-users, should be made a permanent feature of theorganisation.

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