Lokala fördelar av minskade klimatutsläpp?

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Miljövetenskaplig utbildning

Sammanfattning: A growing research field shows that climate mitigation measures can entail numerous co-benefits for other policy areas, including improved air quality, enhanced energy security and reduced maintenance costs. One possible strategy for enhancing climate action can be to emphasize these co-benefits. However, research has shown that co-benefits are seldom included when climate mitigation measures are formulated and implemented. This study aimed to investigate how co-benefits of climate mitigation measures are emphasized in Swedish municipalities, and what barriers and possibilities such strategy can entail. A content analysis of climate strategic documents and energy plans of 13 municipalities was performed. Interviews with officers from eight of these municipalities was further carried out. The result showed that co-benefits are recognized and emphasized by municipalities, but to various degree. Both economic, social and environmental co-benefits have been recognized. Larger municipalities tend to emphasize a larger number of different co-benefits in their strategic documents than smaller ones. In communication with politicians, inhabitants and businesses regarding climate mitigation measures, municipal officers raise the issue of co-benefits. The officers emphasized that the communication can advantageously be formulated differently, depending on the target group. Co-benefits are most commonly described qualitatively. Quantifications could enhance the impact of the co-benefits, especially when emphasized for politicians, but such analyses can be too complex for municipal officers to perform. Furthermore, analysing and communicating co-benefits can be time consuming, and more knowledge might be needed. Despite these barriers, emphasizing co-benefits can make mitigation measures more attractive for politicians and other actors. In conclusion, making the co-benefits more visible seems to be one possibly effective approach to enhance climate action in municipalities.

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