Apputveckling : En studie av motsättningar mellan design- och användningspraktiker ur ett verksamhetsteoretiskt perspektiv

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Stockholms universitet/Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik

Sammanfattning: We live in a high tech era of electronic media, which is changing our lives (Giddens, 1999). Apps are examples of technologies that affect our lives. An interesting question in this context is what apps will have for significance; on one hand for the development of technology, and on other hand for humans’ relation to technology. Since the development and change process are central issues in the science of education I will explore the development of applications. The purpose of this paper is to seek knowledge about applications (apps) development from a design and user perspective. This dissertation discusses activity theory as an academic framework for understanding of apps development from two different types of operating systems or practices, to be precise design practice and user practice. To clarify my point, I have defined the following questions: why user apps are designed, how user apps are designed, and what contradictions occur between the design and the use of apps? My research is based on a qualitative approach with an abductive approach. I used multiple case studies as research approach based on three data collection techniques: interviews, observiews (interviews and observations) and observations of social media and an archived document of wireframes about apps. The result shows that apps designed and published either for their function or for promotional purposes. The design process is fast and dynamic process where applications are published before they are ready and constantly updated later. The use of apps characterized by either an active or a passive use operations. In the passive activity apps are tested through trial and error, and when they do not meet the user's expectations they are thrown away. This activity contributes in relation to previous research on technology and social change to the consumer’s throwaway culture. While in the active using, activities becomes part of the development activities where development aspects are communicated through social media – interact active users and designers to develop the app, which is both an artifact and an object of their own development. Activity theory thus contributes to theories of design by considering design not only as production but also as a fully operational system itself with the production, consumption, exchange and distribution.

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