MAKE IT INDIE : Att producera och släppa musik på egen hand

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Kungl. Musikhögskolan/Institutionen för musik- och medieproduktion

Sammanfattning: This independent study has the intention of bringing forward increased knowledge about  methods that may be used by an artist, music producer or songwriter in order to reach out with their own music independently without a record company being involved. Through artistic research, four musical pieces have been produced of which two consequently were released on different digital music streaming platforms. The study includes on one hand the process of creating the music, and on the other hand the entrepreneurship regarding the music release, i.e. the digital distribution and even subjects regarding publishing rights and marketing. The result of the study is presented as actual sound recordings and also in an analysis of how the music was received by the listeners on the different digital platforms. The conclusion of this study shows that the fastest and easiest way of obtaining many stream listenings (for example on Spotify) was to succeed in getting the music included on Spotifys own playlists. More followers of a playlist means more listeners. The more streams the song gets the more lists it can get included on. In conclusion the discussion contains the skills needed in order to release music and secure royalties for the artistic effort.

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