Rätten att fritt uttrycka sigoch rätten att inte bli kränkt : ett gränsdragningsproblem

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Medier och kommunikation


Purpose/Aim: We have a right to freedom of the press, but we do also have a right not to be exposed to slander, we have a right to not be insulted. A study about this rights and crimes in the swedish law.

Material/Method: literature, Internet, cases, Commission of Inquiry's recommendation. A qualitative research method

Main results: There is a very strong freedom of the press in the Swedish constitution. Mostly it stands immovable. The freedom of press can be restricted in case of slander. Although, even if there is a crime of slander, the freedom of the press is stronger than the crime of slander, if there is a public interest in the matter, freedom of the press compensate the crime of slander. There is no need to change the law and the court could use the paragraph of slander also to protect the integrity of a person.

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