Konstruktionen av ett företag - En kvalitativ intervjustudie av nyanställdas organisationssocialisation i kontexten av ett internationellt It-företag

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Pedagogik

Sammanfattning: Newcomers organizational socialization has been emphasized as the most critical period of employment, because of the high number of redundancies among new employees. While striving for an understanding of this socialization process, researcher within the field has identified different tactics that organizations tend to use in order to form newcomers behavior and attitudes. Meanwhile, it has also been argued that there is need for a more integrated perspective, focusing on the social and cultural aspects of the socialization process. This is where present study has taken its starting point, arguing that cultural and social aspects of the process can be understood trough newcomers own experiences of their reality. Present thesis has been conducted in collaboration with an international IT-company and the results are based on 10 qualitative interviews. The purpose of the study has been to investigate how the organizational socialization tactics also might affect how newcomers internalize the companys social and cultural reality. The result implies that tactics for organizational socialization do have an affect on the respondents internalization of the companys social and cultural reality. When trying to make sense of the socialization tactics, the respondents have constructed an image of a company that is hierarchical and process oriented, but at the same time promotes development and individual responsibility. The results show that the tactics, traditionally categorized into opposites, also occur in constellations and integrate with each other. This integration is what has led to the respondents partially fragmented descriptions of the companys social and cultural reality.

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