Representation av personer med funktionsvariation : En studie om i vilken utsträckning fackföreningar och intresseorganisationer representerar personer med funktionsvariation på arbetsmarknaden.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: How come that people with disabilities still do not have the same opportunity to receive a job offer as the rest of the population? Who represents these disabled people’s interests in labormarket-related discussions? This thesis aims to evaluate the representation of the disabled within the labor market by comparing interest groups to trade union organizations based on thedebate between the Power resource approach (PRA) and the New politics (NP) perspective.There is limited research on this area related to disabled people; therefore, this thesis adapts the two theories in a new way when trying to apply the perspectives on disabled people. To empirically investigate the representation between interest groups and trade union organizations, qualitative and quantitative data are collected and analyzed using a framework for representation based on Hanna Pitkin’s definition of substantive representation. The results show that the trade union organizations do participate to a large extent, though not to the same extent as interest groups. Thereby the thesis gives some empirical support for Pierson’s New politics perspective, but this area is still in need of future research. 

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