Smart Case for Remote Radio Kit

Detta är en M1-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Fasta tillståndets elektronik

Sammanfattning: The thesis aims to develop a prototype for a Smart Case for Remote Radio Kits at the department of Demo & Event at Ericsson in Kista.The smart case consists of a mechanical structure (the case itself with ) and an electronic system that includes a temperature sensor, a LCD display showing the temperature, a GPS (global positioning system) module for positioning the case, a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) module and a microcontroller Arduino UNO. The Case is modelled in 3D with the help of CAD software and then printed with a 3D printer. A down-scaled prototype is built with the help of the 3D printer and the 2D drawing will be used when the full scaled model is produced. The Arduino UNO handles temperature sensor and GPS measurements, LCD display, and the transmission of measurement data using GSM module via text message (SMS) to a cell phone or to a server over the Internet. The projected ended up with all the drawings and models finished for the Case as well as the implementation of down-scaled prototypes. The electrical system was tested and finished individually. But the complete system cannot be assembled inside the Case due to the time limitation. This means that the project can be further extended, where a full scale model can be developed and the electrical control system can be assembled together and mounted inside the Case.

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