Hinder i ett expanderande Göteborg - en kvalitativ studie om hur tillgängligheten påverkas för personer med nedsatt rörelse- och synförmåga under ett byggskede

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet / Institutionen för ekonomi och samhälle

Sammanfattning: In larger cities it often goes on some kind of construction work, big or small. Construction places can be difficult to get past, as they contain temporary solutions such as diversions of walkways. For individuals with a disability, this can have a significant impact on their day and hamper their ability to fully participate in the community. The main purpose of this thesis has been to investigate how the City of Gothenburg is working to ensure accessibility even during construction. And how this work interacts with the perceived accessibility seen from the perspective of people with mobility and vision impairments. To answer the purpose, interviews with several different organizations for individuals with movement and visual impairments were conducted and interviews with officials from Gothenburg City's various administrations. In addition, a text analysis of laws and policy documents were implemented, to study how the concept of accessibility, and especially accessibility during the construction phase, is dealt with within law texts. This study is also based on several theoretical concepts and models that explain accessibility and functional impairment in society and community planning. The study also focuses a lot on Sweden's extensive legislation on how the planning of land and buildings should be done. In these laws and regulations, there are paragraphs relating to accessibility, however, these are mainly concerned with completed buildings. The construction process itself is overlooked. The results of the study show that the city of Gothenburg has ongoing work on these types of issues, a challenge that exists is to create well-perceived accessibility for people with mobility and visual impairments. The core in the discussion and the conclusions are that there is a challenge in how the dialogue between the municipality and organizations should work to find a good way to manage the accessibility problems in the city.

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