”Jag ville bara att någon skulle hålla mig i handen en stund” - Kvinnors upplevelse av telefonkontakt med koordinerande barnmorska inför kommande förlossning

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Sammanfattning: Background: Women in Sweden are asked to contact the coordinating midwife beforearrival to the labour ward. The women’s needs in the first telephone contact are individualand the coordinators approach is central and the aim is therefore to achieve a caringconversation where both the coordinator and the woman can feel satisfaction. Thecoordinator should show a genuine interest in the woman on the phone, her story andalso take her knowledge and thoughts into account.Aim: To describe women’s experience of the telephone contact with the coordinatingmidwife before the forthcoming labour.Method: Nine women were interviewed and the data was analysed via qualitative contentanalysis with an inductive approach. The women were recruited via Facebook. Theinterviews were conducted both over the phone and in physical meetings.Results: The data analysis resulted in one theme: An emotionally loaded call with threemain categories, a feeling of security, confirmation in the situation and to feel specialtogether with six subcategories: confidence building conversation, when security fails, betaken seriously, to be met by distrust, personal response and to be one in the crowd.Conclusion: The result showed that the women experienced the first contact with thecoordinating midwife as emotional, whether it was considered good or bad. Common wasthat women wanted individually tailored counselling and needed to feel secure and safe.When it came to making decisions about going to the labour ward, women wantedsupport, either by the midwife deciding for them or getting to make the decisionthemselves.Keywords: labour, qualitative content analysis, women, telephone contact, experience

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