The ultimate border between the East and the West

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Institutionen för globala studier

Sammanfattning: The worst humanitarian crisis that we are currently watching has prompted to a rise of refugrationflows in today’s globalised world. During the European refugrant crisis the EU external borderswere under pressure and the EU had to find partners to help to secure its borders, as solidarityinside the EU was not enough to carry good management of the refugration flows that werearriving at EU doors. The EU-Turkey statement of 18 March 2016, permitted the EU and itsmember states to regain control of its Southeastern borders and it as turned Turkey into theultimate border between the East and the West. As the EU is focused on containing and reducingthe refugration flows at its external borders by all costs, it has forgotten to advocate for humanrights in its neighbouring countries and to respect the human rights of the refugrants. Thus, thismaster thesis explored the role that the nexus between the border security and the refugrationmanagement plays at the EU-Turkey relations. In addition, it was explored how the EU-Turkeystatement has affected the EC discourse regarding the deteriorating situation of human rights inTurkey. The study concludes that the EU-Turkey statement has been an important policy tool inpromoting the refugration-border nexus in the EU-Turkey relations and that the EU-Turkeystatement has affected the EC discourse about the current situation of human rights in Turkey.

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