SeamFlex - Ett strategiskt åtgärdsprogram för framtidens flexibla arbetsplats En kvalitativ fallstudie om vilka strategiska åtgärder de kommersiella fastighetsbolagen bör genomföra för att skapa flexibilitet och enkelhet för kommersiella kunder.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Göteborgs universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Författare: Albin Berntsson; Emanuel Sandström; [2021-06-30]

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Sammanfattning: The world is changing rapidly as technology and innovate solutions develop and create flexibility and simplicity. The commercial real estate companies, which traditionally have been relatively conservative, are now facing an upcoming conversion. To keep up with the development of society and to avoid being outcompeted by new players, development in new areas are required. The real estate companies therefore find a number of incentives for changing their strategies. New values need be added to their business models - It is currently a matter of creating the conditions required to make customers’ user experience flexible and simple. However, the fact remains that there is great uncertainty regarding what strategic measures are required to generate the necessary conditions for flexibility and simplicity. The theoretical frame of references presents a number of different circumstances and strategic measures (development areas) that can possibly drive the development towards flexibility and simplicity. Common in the content of the theoretical frame of reference, however, is that it is relatively abstract and theoretical with a consistent focus on what should be done. To answer the question of how real estate companies should achieve what is required to create conditions for flexibility and simplicity, concrete strategic measures are needed. The strategic measures are summarized and presented in a strategic action program - SeamFlex. The findings of this report could contribute to the development of real estate companies’ business strategies and the the emergence of the smart workplace of the future with flexible conditions. This development generates at best long-term returns for the real estate companies, but also improved conditions for customers.

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