Mobila applikationer som reklam

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Institutionen för service management och tjänstevetenskap

Sammanfattning: Abstract Title: Consumer perception of mobile marketing Institution: Department of Service Management, Campus Helsingborg, Lund University Level: Master’s degree Authors: David Zetterlund and Jonas Lörnell Supervisors: Jessica Enevold and Katja Lindqvist Issue: Mobile marketing is the fastest growing category of advertising right now. Mobile marketing allows direct-targeted advertising to users and is now mainly implemented through so-called applications - programs that are downloaded to the phone and used for various purposes. We find no published studies today that specifically describe how consumers perceive this type of interactive mobile marketing applications and why. Do consumers perceive a free application like a service rather than advertising or vice versa? Which are the motivations for integrating with this type of marketing in one’s daily media use? Mobile marketing is often addressed directly to specific consumers, which may be perceived as intruding into the private sphere. What are the consumer’s opinions of these privacy issues? Key Concepts: Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Apps, Applications, iPhone, Attitude Towards Mobile Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Adoption of The Mobile Phone, Adoption of Technology, Use Of The Mobile Phone, Location-based-Advertising, User Acceptance of the Mobile Phone, Push and Pull, iAd. Method: Since our purpose in this study is to obtain a deeper understanding of people's perceptions of mobile marketing via downloaded applications we have chosen to use a qualitative research approach, specifically focus group interviews. Secondary data has mostly been collected from scientific papers, articles from branch specific associations and a variety of other literature written in the subject. The selected target population, as well our respondents, is the group that in research is called The MeWe generation, the generation born in the late 80's. Conclusions: The thesis shows that consumers generally feel positive towards marketing applications, mainly because of the high degree of benefit they gain from them. Consumer’s different degree of knowledge in this subject can affect how they view information about an application and the information in a specific application. To a great extent, consumer’s different previous knowledge of the products influences their perceptions of them. Reasons given for being prone to download an application include consumer’s high value of what their friends and acquaintances have told them about the applications. Based on our investigation, a broad interest in the geographically segmented marketing exists. However, this marketing performed badly, can be perceived as intrusive because of the nature of the mobile device as a personal belonging. Furthermore, consumers’ earlier experiences of this type of marketing, for example over the computer, can form the basis of how they perceive this type of marketing over the mobile phone.

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