How the ground state in a material will be affected by the spin-phonon interactions between nuclei in diatomic molecular structures

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Materialteori


Wave-like phonons are often used to describe the heat capacity in materials. In this report the spin-phonon interaction between nuclei in a diatomic molecular structure is introduced by looking at the Hamiltonian in its ground state. The corresponding Green's functions are computed in order to investigate how this interaction affects the phonons. When calculating the spin, pseudo fermions and tensor products are introduced to make the calculation easier because the spin statistics could be a bit tricky to deal with. Three different cases of how the total interaction Hamiltonian behaves are investigated i.e. when the phonon is coupled to the spin. It turns out that in two of these cases an effect on the phonons can be seen but not in the other case. 

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