Smart TV - a more interactive way of watching TV

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik

Sammanfattning: Smart TV, also known as Connected TV, is the new generation of television. It can be connected to the internet and enables the user to surf the web and use TV specific applications. The TV applications available today however are more like smartphone applications shown on a big screen. Applications should take advantage of the fact that they are located on a TV and make use of TV specific content. Smart TV can engage the viewer by a more interactive way of ”watching” TV. The way TV consumers watch TV today has been analysed and a changein consumer behaviour has occurred over the last decade. The TV viewershave gone from a relaxed TV mood with all focus directed towards the TV to a multitasking mood, using second screens for additional activities related, as well as unrelated, to what is on the TV. People want toengage in a more interactive way of watching TV and this is especially true for so called ”borderless” consumers which include people that like and owns technical devices.In this thesis a prototype of a Smart TV application that takes advantage of the content available on the TV, called Quiz TV, was developed. It engages the user in a more interactive way of watching TV and lets the user play a quiz about what is shown on the TV while watching it. This can be done alone, together or against others. The results from a user test of the prototype show that most of the users would play the game if it existed for real and would like a more interactive way of watching TV.As people already have an active way of watching TV, and would preferan even more interactive one, the future of the Smart TV and the Quiz TV application is seen as promising.

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