”Jag är fullständigt fri från alkoholismen och drogernas kedjor. Jesus har botat mig.” : En religionspsykologisk analys av religiös omvändelse som copingstrategi mot substansberoende.

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Religionsbeteendevetenskap

Sammanfattning: The purpose of this paper is to explore how religious conversion can constitute coping strategies when counteracting substance dependence by examining Sebastian Staksets autobiography. Previous research show that there is a lack of empirical studies about substance abuse in relation to religiosity. The theoretical background of this study consists of Rambo’s theory of religious conversion and Pargament’s coping theory. By using a template analysis style themes and categories where derived from the theoretical framework and applied operationally through coding. The research questions in this study are: 1. How does Sebastian Stakset use his religious conversion as a coping strategy to counter his substance dependence? 2. How can Sebastian Stakset's religious conversion be described based on Rambo's theory of religious conversion? 3. How is Sebastian Stakset's religious conversion affected by conservation and transformation mechanisms based on Pargaments coping theory? Results showed that Sebastian went through all the stages described by Rambo. The search for new means and ends for attaining significance through re-creation is what moves Sebastian’s religious conversion. There-fore the religious conversion works as a coping strategy when transformative means and ends are being constructed to counterbalance Sebastian’s mechanisms of conservation which consists of substance abuse.

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