Medmänniska och vän - en guldkant på tillvaron : frivillig besökstjänst i Trollhättan

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Högskolan Väst/Institutionen för individ och samhälle

Författare: Britt Hallgren; [2006]

Nyckelord: Frivilligt arbete;


The essay deals with questions concerning the reasons, difficulties and subjects for rejoicing which various people experience when visiting "voluntarily" old, lonely people in the congregation of Trollhättan. What knowledge is developed and which values are formed? How is aging and solitude experienced? The visits are co-ordinated by two lay workers employed by the Swedish Church. The study is built on oral interviews in April and May 2003 from a questionaire using open questions. The research group consists of six women between 65-80 of age with 1-30 years´ experience.Inner reasons, contact with other people in similar situations, positive responses to visits, and meetings in the visiting service group seem to be the principal driving forces. The difficulties and subjects for rejoicing are described with great emotion and reveal a large scale of social competence. The visits usually brighten the existence for the elderly resulting in a friendship valuable to both parties. Valuable knowledge and experience in the care of the elderly and relations are developed in the visiting service group. Solitude, aging, illness and immobility may cause anxiety to both visitors and those visited.

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