Lean Six Sigma for In-Process Quality Improvement : Case Study of a Battery Cell Production Process

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Mälardalens högskola/Akademin för innovation, design och teknik

Sammanfattning: Purpose The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the efficiency and performance of Quality control with focus on the inspections performed within production processes and how Lean Six Sigma can affect them. This can be done through mapping a current state to identify inefficiencies and wastes. The research will be used to answer following questions: How can Lean improve efficiency for in-process quality control? How can integration of Lean Six Sigma be applied to optimize processes? Can Six Sigma techniques increase the performance of quality control? Method A production process approach to quality control was investigated through a case study. Data was gathered through Interviews, Observations, Measurements and a Survey. The case study was complimented with Theory through a literature study which provided data from books and scientific articles. The literature study also created more room for generalization within the study as connection and conclusions could be made with results found in other works. Results Through the case study it was discovered that the production process under examination was working with Lean practices to a certain degree. Regarding Six Sigma, not much trace was found of using the concept and its methods in practice. It was exposed through Lean that there was waste generated within the process defined as motion, transport and inventory which could be eliminated to improve efficiency. Through Six Sigma there was noticed that implementation could be made to increase the performance of operators to detect deviations and generate more data for quality management within their quality inspections. Conclusion The conclusion drawn within the research based upon the case study and literature study is that an integration of Lean Six Sigma can be made to improve efficiency as well as performance of quality control within a production process. Lean tools can be used to improve speed of the process and utilization of resources. Meanwhile Six Sigma can be used to increase the ability to detect deviations and perform quality work.

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