Affärs- och chefscoaching ? Framtidens företagsutveckling?

Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Kognitionsvetenskap

Sammanfattning: During later years coaching has gained popularity. Coaching offers help to learn rather than to teach and enables optimal performance. The method that builds consciousness, strengthens choices and leads to change in the wanted direction, can deduce to some of history's most successful educationalists. A coaching area steadily increasing is business- and executive coaching. The overall purpose with this paper is to explain what coaching is generally speaking, with specific focus on business- and executive coaching. The more detailed purpose with the paper is to examine possible synergic effects regarding coaching. Will other areas in the lives and/ or business of the clients than the ones they got help with through coaching be affected positively, negatively or not at all? This study is a pilot study for this question, where 6 clients receive coaching for their work life/ business during 2, 5 months. Measurements on the client's satisfaction regarding the focus area work life/ business and all other areas in the client's lives were conducted before and after the coaching relation. The result of this pilot study shows that the hypothesis that business- and executive coaching increases the client's satisfaction in the focus area work life/ business and also increases the client's satisfaction in any or some other areas in the their lives, is confirmed in all 5 out of 5 cases which completed the study. The neural associations in the brain occur in the same way regardless of the present information, memory or event is something we experienced, visualised mentally or have heard many times. Our development is based on knowledge and experience along with a curiosity of exploring new worlds. Coaching, as described in this paper, to a great extent uses the client's inner world to fulfil the client's goals in their outer world. In summary coaching so far has proved to be an effective development method.

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