Fascism i folkhemmet? - En studie om Sverigedemokraternas ideologiska hemvist

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: This thesis is about the political party the Sweden democrats and its ideological residence, trying to answer the question whether it’s correct to define it as fascist or not. Very little previous research has made a deeper analysis into this which makes this study both more interesting and more important. There is a lack of consensus about the definition of fascism among scholars, and especially between historians on the one side and political scientist on the other. In this study I have sided with the political scientists on the fact that the political theory of fascism is the primary factor to define the ideology of fascism and not by the appearance or the attitude of the political movement. In relation to this I have created an ideal type of fascism – based on The Doctrine of Fascism – and used it as an analytical tool to study the manifesto of the Sweden democrats – which will act as the primary raw material for the party’s ideology. To be able to grade the connection between fascism and the Sweden democrats a seven step “ideological circuit diagram” have been constructed and it showed that the ideological connection between fascism and the Sweden democrats is very weak. Although it is necessary to conclude that these results can’t be used to draw the conclusion that the party rather is to be defined as “right-wing populist” – a popular definition within this field of political party research.

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