Beteende eller sinnessjukdom? : Psykiatri och behandling vid Mariebergs sjukhus mellan 1930-1950

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på avancerad nivå från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för samhälls- och kulturvetenskap


This paper is interested in Swedish psychiatry during the period between 1930-1950,localized to Mariebergs hospital in Sweden. The purpose of this paper has been to testSjöstroms evidence of the pattern that he used to create three analytical concepts, roughlytranslated to; morally educative discipline-treatment, the production process and the idealinstitution citizen. Sjöström motivates that his concepts gives insight into one aspect of thepsychiatric expansion between 1860-1960 as well as creates an understanding of psychiatryas an institution. The source material for this paper has been patients' medical notes writtenby the chief physician of the institution. Via a method which mainly different from Sjöstromin its selection, categorization and more thorough presentation, this paper has seen the samepatterns which Sjöström has created his three concepts from. The ideal institution citizen,defined by its well behaved and calm behaviour emerges also in this papers quantitativecompilation of qualitative data as the clear majority. The morally educative disciplinetreatment,treatments and punishments that focuses on creating an acceptable behaviourrather than the treatment of insanity itself, can be seen in the adjective behaviouraldescriptions of the type well-behaved / badly-behaved which are dominant. The focus in thejournals is behaviour rather than mental decease symptoms such as hallucinations andtreatment is based on unaccepted behaviour rather than symptoms. Also, the sequential orderthat exists between badly-behaved behaviour and treatments, and well-behaved behaviourand rewards shows the focus on behaviour which the concept is based on. The previous tworesults together is the two parts of Sjöströms production process, that trough the morallyeducative discipline-treatment the institution creates an acceptable, quiet and well behavedideal institution citizen were the mental decease becomes secondary.

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