Optimering av pumpdrift i Skanska Deep Green Cooling

Detta är en Uppsats för yrkesexamina på grundnivå från Uppsala universitet/Byggteknik


Skanska Deep Green Cooling is a very energy efficient system for cooling of a building. The system use deep boreholes to cool the building. In the cold part of the year, when the temperature outside is lower than the temperature out from the boreholes, the boreholes will be charged with coldness and the heat in the boreholes are used to preheat the ventilation air.

The system has potential to be more energy efficient by optimization of the pumps and the pressure drop in the system. Pressure drop is crucial for the pumps power requirement.

In the report two methods are theoretic tested to lowering the pressure drop to lower levels. The first method work with full open control valves and the second method work with bypass of control valves. Energy saving of the two methods are 7 percent. 

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