Detta är en Magister-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Företagsekonomiska institutionen

Sammanfattning: ABSTRACT Title: A Typology of Brand Orientation Case Study of Corporate Brand Management Seminar date: 27/05/13 Course: Degree project in International Marketing and Brand management, Master Level, BUSN 39, 15 University Credit Points (15 ECTS). Authors: Christina Ericsson & Gustaf Holmblad Supervisor: Mats Urde Key words: Brand Orientation, CBIM Framework, Strategic Orientation, Market Orientation, Strategic Brand Management Thesis purpose: The purpose and the main focus of this study is to give empirical examples as well as to contribute to a typology showing ways in which organizations can be brand oriented. Methodology: Following a social constructionist approach the study takes a mainly qualitative form concerning a comparative case study of four contrasting cases. In addition to the qualitative study, a smaller quantitative method is undertaken. Furthermore, the research is mainly deductive but is combined with an inductive structure in the end of the research process. The data is collected primarily through semi-structured interviews, but adds a structured interview part as well. Theoretical foundation: The literature review creates the foundation for the theoretical framework as well as the following discussion and analysis. Especially Urde’s (2013) CBIM Framework is presented and described in detail, as it is seen as the appropriate model for analysis and for making a suitable contribution to the field. Empirical foundation: The empirical data is based upon semi-structured as well as structured interviews with 4 corporate brand organizations concerning two businesses- to business companies and two business- to-consumer companies. The respondents are Communications managers as well as corporate brand managers. Conclusion: The study firstly concludes that a brand oriented mindset can be manifested through the CBIM framework. Secondly, the study finds nuances in the brand orientation strategy, namely Internal brand consciousness and Internal brand commitment. These are the two ways that the brand oriented mindset can differ between organizations.

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