Operationssjuksköterskors erfarenheter av kommunikation och samarbete med kirurgen

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Sammanfattning: Background: The operating room nurses and the surgeon work closely together in the perioperative care. Research shows that communication between them can sometimes be deficient, which in turn can threaten patient safety. The relationship between the surgeon and the operating room nurse can affect the tone of the operating room, and it also appears in previous research that the operating room nurses feel the surgeon's emotional mood and they can adapt to get the surgeon in a good mood. One of the operating room nurse's areas of responsibility is teamwork, a working collaboration is included and it is of interest to examine how evidence can describe this subject.Aim: Aim of this study is to describe the operating room nurses' experience of communication and collaboration with the surgeon.Method: A systematic literature study was conducted and 10 articles were identified where data were analyzed based on Bettany-Saltikov's model.Result: The analysis resulted in two main themes: Hierarchical order and Effective communication. Effective communication is based on three sub-themes; non-verbal communication, verbal communication and interprofessional collaboration. Communication between operating room nurses and surgeon can be verbal and non-verbal. Interprofessional collaboration described how important it was for operating room nurses to know the surgeon's individual preferences, as it facilitated the work and conversation with the surgeon. Hierarchical order was something that inhibited communication and was also perceived to affect patient safety. Hierarchical order prevented the operating room nurses from being able to express themselves freely, they had to adapt to the surgeon.Conclusion: The findings in this study indicate that effective communication between operating room nurses and the surgeon exists when they express verbal communication. Collaboration between them affects patient care and patient safety. There is a part of communication that is non-verbal. It is important to work together and get to know each other better and it must be kept in mind that hierarchical order occurs in the workplace and it can affect the communication between the professions. Further research would be of value to see which conflict mechanisms might arise in an operating theater and how the operating room nurses interacts within a team.

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