De osynliga männen : Om MFKPR och männens roll för kvinnlig politisk rösträtt 1911-1919

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Karlstads universitet/Institutionen för samhälls- och kulturvetenskap (from 2013)

Sammanfattning: The main purpose of this study is to investigate men´s suffrage movement is Sweden between the years 1911-1920. In more depth, the focus will be on the organization Männens Förbund för Kvinnans Politiska Rösträtt and their arguments in favor of women’s the political rights. The study will carry out a qualitative examination of the primal sources of MFKPR archive and ask the questions: How did they conduct their organization and in which manners did they argue for women’s right to vote? The purpose of exploring the men´s attitude towards women’s right to vote, is to fill a gap in current research. As this study shows, there has been limited research done regarding the men who supported women’s cause but rather research has had a strong female focus where men have been portrayed as the resistance. The results of this study show however, that the men in MFKPR worked in an active manner and used arguments based on ideas regarding righteousness, justice, citizenship and utilitarianism in order to fulfill their purpose of existence, namely to extend the right to vote to the whole Swedish population. Furthermore, the results show that although the men and women worked in separate organizations, there was some exchange of ideas circulating amongst them and they used very similar arguments to fight the resistance. 

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