Sensorfusion för undervattensrobot i kärnteknisk miljö med Kalman filtrering

Detta är en Master-uppsats från KTH/Maskinkonstruktion (Inst.)

Författare: Nicklas Mild; [2010]

Nyckelord: ;


WesDyne TRC AB is a fully owned subsidiary of the global Westinghouse

Electric Corporation. WesDyne is a world leader in non-invasive methods for the

inspection of nuclear power plants. One of the inspection platforms used to scan

for defects in and around the welds in the reactor vessel is called the T-crawler.

The T-crawler operates under water in a radioactive environment by stepping on

the vessel (reactor tank) inner wall using suction cups. The environment is harsh

and many traditional positioning sensors are not suitable for implementation. This

thesis investigates the possibility to use a gyroscope and a pressure sensor to

create an alternative and independent positioning system. Together with the

current positioning sensors the new sensors will be fused in a Kalman filter. The

Kalman filter together with the alternative positioning system will be evaluated

using simulated sensors in Matlab. The thesis shows that a positioning system

with a pressure sensor and a gyroscope is suitable for implementation on the Tcrawler,

but the thesis also establishes that further testing is needed to fully

evaluate the performance of the alternative positioning during a safety inspection.


Thanks to the people at WesDyne for the help and information during the thesis,

especially Lars Skoglund my supervisor, David Seery for information about the Tcrawler

and David Stenman for information about radiation and proofreading the

report. Also I would like to thank friends and family for moral support during the


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