Machine learning in the design phase of the construction

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Byggproduktion

Sammanfattning: Machine learning has the potential to improve processes and revolutionizeeconomies on a global level and that is also true for the construction indus-try. Machine learning has started to get attention in recent years as computerpower have increased and the cost has reduced. The purpose with machinelearning is train an algorithm to process large quantities of data for essentialinformation. This can be applied to varies field and industries and as thesocieties are gathering data and are being digitized, the applications for ma-chine learning will only grow. Machine learning has yet be applied on a largescale in the construction sector but that will inevitable change as the bene-fits becomes to great to ignore. Many of the large Swedish companies havestarted to look at digitizing their activities, which would be an importantmilestone for machine learning. However many are also unaware of machinelearning and how to incorporate it into the business, hampering its progressin the construction sector. The result conformed the the idea about all par-ties are recognise the promise with digitizing but currently on a low level,the amount of data is not sufficient to train algorithms on satisfying level.

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