Production of rubber from dandelion - a proof of concept for a new method of cultivation

Detta är en Master-uppsats från Lunds universitet/Tillämpad biokemi

Sammanfattning: Natural rubber is a biopolymer that is invaluable in our society. It is used in medical devices, tires, engines and many other consumer products, and so far no synthetic substance has been able to compete with its properties. Today, all natural rubber comes from the rubber tree, mainly grown in southeast Asia. Due to current threats to the rubber industry, finding an alternative source for natural rubber that can be grown in the Northern Hemisphere is vital. The Russian dandelion could be that option. However, previous experience tells us that there are great difficulties in growing the Russian dandelion in the field, so another method for cultivation has to be developed. In this project, dandelions have been cultivated in bioreactors with great success, indicating that this might be a method for the future. Protocols for sterile growth and for genetic transformation of dandelions have also been developed.

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