"Man måste göra det bästa av situationen" : Skolgång för barn som vistas i Sverige utan tillstånd

Detta är en Kandidat-uppsats från Uppsala universitet/Statsvetenskapliga institutionen

Sammanfattning: In Sweden, children residing in the country without a permit has had access to schooling since 2013. Yet, only a few people have taken the time to do research on the topic and evaluate the policy change that gave these children right to attend elementary and upper secondary school. This essay adopts an administrative politics-perspective to evaluate their schooling based on a goal-fulfilment criterion. The goals are then used as a reference with which to compare the real policy effects. To gather information about the policy effects, six interviews were performed with centrally given actors within Uppsala municipality, Sweden. The first goal of reference in this thesis is presented in Swedish school law and government bill; all children shall have access to basic schooling. The second goal of reference is that these children’s education should be equivalent to that of other children in the country. This means that they have should have access to the school resources necessary for them to fully participate in their education. Generally, one can see that the achievement of these goals is questionable in Uppsala municipality. This result can also be generalised to a nation-level, with the help of the Swedish School Inspectorate, and thus demonstrating that the issues with the goal fulfilment in Uppsala municipality is strongly dependent on the lack of effective nationally stipulated measures and strategies.

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